Playoff Potpourri: Shippin’ Back to Bawston

This is why we love hockey.

It may have taken a few hours to get that gut-wrenching, passion-draining, “[bleep] this [bleeping] losing in the playoffs [bleep]” feeling out of our stomachs, but let us remember – those emotions are what make the playoffs so great.

And we’re gifted at least one more game of it. There is still 60 minutes of hockey to be played and there are no advantages in Game 7.

You could argue home ice matters, but the Capitals have actually played better in Boston than they have in Verizon Center. You might think that being the winning team gives you momentum, but with a record six one-goal games in the series, it’s clear that there’s very little momentum involved in these games.

As cliché or simple as it seems, Game 7 will ultimately come down to a battle between two of the best hockey teams in the Eastern Conference for the right to move on.

And guess what, win or lose, there’s a silver lining.

The Washington Capitals, a team that was once thought to be on the verge of a drastic summer makeover, are showing no signs of needing to be “blown up” over the summer.

In a season that appeared to be lost at sea, the Capitals – win or lose – have some direction. The Capitals have learned to play playoff hockey and the need to mix-up the roster in the offseason is dwindling.

With some hard play (and luck), we may not need to think about that just yet. And to those dreading Game 7, I leave you with this.

Tell me, what great thing worth earning has ever come easy?

Rodney, MS Paints and Triple Lutzes after the jump.

Checking in With Rodney

The Pomeranian Prognosticator is…not exactly doing well in terms of the long run.

His Stanley Cup finals picks, the New York Rangers and Vancouver Canucks, aren’t exactly primed to get past the first round.

New York is down 3-2 in their series with the Ottawa Senators and as of press time, the Canucks are leading 1-0 against the Los Angeles Kings, but trail 3-1 in the series.

However he did correctly guess the Blues, Flyers and Predators as winners. So I guess that’s worth a dog biscuit, or three.

Chimera Scores, Marchand Attempts a Triple Lutz

The “Little Ball of Hate” becomes the “Little Ball of Dive” in this classic.

The NHL in MS Paint

Our first submission comes from the pleasantly named “PoopFeast420”, who has singled out a front-runner for the Conn Smythe.

Boston Bruins fan “oNine” sent in this depiction of the then and now of his B’s.

Remember to send in your NHL in MS Paints by Sunday night to reedalbers[at]!


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