Caps Top Six: Well, This Week Flippin’ Stunk

If you haven’t seen the tweets or read about it yet, Jason Chimera was a bit testy after the Capitals’ 3-2 loss Sunday. In Jesse Spector’s story for The Sporting News, Chimera’s interview turned a bit blue.

From Spector’s piece:

“You’re watching the game, so you tell me,” said Chimera, who had six of the Capitals’ 26 shots on goal. “You’re watching it, obviously you thought we played like (crap). You’re telling me we played bad, so that’s obviously how we played. We played like crap. That’s good. Put in the paper we played like crap. You can say that and (flippin’) quote it, too.”

I’m sure “flippin’” wasn’t quite the word he used (although it does makes Chimera sound like Napoleon Dynamite, which is amusing), but the display of emotion at least shows the locker room cares and, for better or for worse, the frustration is in their heads.

Truth be told, it was a flippin’ bad week for the Caps.

After a 4-1 loss last Sunday to the Boston Bruin, the Caps bounced back with a 4-0 destruction of the Florida Panthers. The good vibes ended in a fluke shootout loss to the Winnipeg Jets and of course Sunday’s loss to the Rangers only piles on the disappointment.

Maybe a Top Six will cheer fans up for a little bit?

1.  Alex Ovechkin – three goals, two assists and five points

The captain had a particularly good week, even though the team ended up 1-1-1, so there’s that. Ovi’s the heart and soul of the team, so while the weekly record may only be even, it’s at least a sign of good things to come if he’s back in point-a-game form.

 2. Tomas Vokoun – shutout versus the Florida Panthers

Let’s just forget the final two minutes of the Winnipeg game ever happened and revel in another strong set from Vokoun. A 6-on-3 power play goal and fluke bounce off Karl Alzner from center ice isn’t enough to sour five shutout periods.

3. Alex Semin – two goals, two assists and four points

When Ovechkin’s on, so is Semin. That’s been the formula for their playing careers together and it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that Semin’s back in contract-year form as Ovi gets back in elite shape.

4. Dennis Wideman – three assists and three points

Mike Green can’t come back soon enough, but at least Wideman’s doing a good enough job providing blue line offense to make the wait somewhat bearable. Let’s just hope Green can come back for the playoffs so the Caps can enjoy the services of two offensive defensemen quarterbacking the power play units.

5. Karl Alzner – plus one rating in three games

Alzner continues to be the Caps top shutdown defenseman and best defender on the team, period. It shows in his ice time. When a game is on the line, Dale Hunter trusts Alzner, who skated 24 minutes in the losses to Winnipeg and New York, to keep the ship afloat.

6. Jason Chimera – one goal, two assists and three points

Cagey interview aside, it was a strong week for Chimmer. His one goal, one assist performance against the Panthers on Tuesday was his first multi-point game since December 23.


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