Sh*t Capitals Fans Say

By Adam Vingan

Thursday, SocialStudiesDC unveiled a two-minute video entitled “Sh*t People In DC Say,” poking fun at the culture of young professionals in Washington. Between references to José Andrés and Washingtonians’ love of brunch were a few mentions of the Washington Capitals: “F*ckin’ Caps!” and “My friend saw Ovi out at Russia House last night.”

While Caps fans have definitely muttered those two phrases, it got me wondering about what things one would normally hear from the Caps’ diehard fanbase. Luckily, Twitter is a great place to find such information quickly, so below are some of the best entries in what will ultimately become “Sh*t Caps Fans Say.”

Hans (@modestproposal): “SHOOOOOOOOOOT!”

Ana (@kickxdrumxheart): “SASHA CARES!”

“Nicklas Backstrom should be in the All-Star Game THIS IS A TRAVESTY!!”


Angie (@LadyHatTrick): “Why don’t they do anything in Maryland anymore?”

Craig & Doug (@PuckBuddys): “BAD SASHA!”

“Crash the net!!”

Brett (@MJ90nCAPS): “Fire Bruce, trade Semin, trade Green.”

Jennifer (@Jennifer_10_25) and Katie (@kat4888): “This is our year.”

Roxanne (@capsxorxgtfo): “At least we’re the only good sports team in Washington.”

“What is Semin doing out in an optional skate?”


Harris (@HarrisHand): “At least Pittsburgh got knocked out also!”

Virginia (@konstantkonfusn): “Ref, you suck!”

Melissa (@melly2508): “It’s only [insert months between October and March here].”

Zohan (@ZohanTheJew): “Did you read Uncle Ted’s blog?”

Meredith (@murrderdith): “I remember when tickets were $10 day of game.”

Andrew (@AG_got_f8h): “Shut the f*ck up, Milbury.”

“During a winning streak: ‘I think we’re getting back on track.’ After it’s snapped: “Think we need to make changes.”

“Wait. The game is at 7:30? You mean i have to wait 30 more minutes?!”

Knuble’s Knights (@knublesknights): “KNUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUBLE!!!”

Dorcov (@Dorcov): “READ MY BLOG!!!!!!!!” (Editor’s note: Low blow, dude. Low. Blow.)

Kaydee (@KaydeeCapsFan74): “WHO CARES?

“Why do they always say who cares? I care!”

Erika (@rinkrebel): “Wait, Tom who? Poti? Who the hell is that?”

Sarah (@smheffern): “Why is Ovi on the point? He should be [on the half-wall, in the slot, generally any non-point location]!”

Nour (@nour_ishing): “Versus!? They’re playing the game on Versus?!”

Matt (@Craiiiiiig21): “PUCK SH*TSBURGH.”

Chris (@ChrisAltice): “Why doesn’t anyone in my section know what the “Puck in Play Rule” is?!”

T.J. (@tj_capscrazy): “I’ve liked hockey all my life I swear!”

And for the contrarian view. here’s some from the hashtag “#Sh*tCapsFansDontSay.”

Ana (@kickxdrumxheart): “What a tasteful tie Joe B. is wearing! I wonder where I can purchase one just like it.”

Ian (@imhopper): “Oh, CSN+. How nice.”

While this is only the text form, fellow bloggers Sick, Unbelievable are currently developing the video version. I am sure they would have no problem finding eager participants.

For more hilarity, follow the hashtag #Sh*tCapsFansSay (without the asterisk) on Twitter and give your fellow fans a follow.



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