A Petition To HBO: Release “24/7” On DVD

The four-part miniseries that was HBO’s “24/7 Penguins-Capitals: Road To The Winter Classic” ended Wednesday night with the Capitals standing victorious, but those of us who were captivated and moved by the brilliant job that HBO did on the show are upset that it’s over.

We noticed that HBO hasn’t released any of their prior installments of “24/7” on DVD. Frankly, that is unacceptable and the thought of not being able to relive this show for years to come is disheartening.

With that said, we want to start a petition to convince HBO to release “24/7” on DVD. We have no idea if they plan to; they might, but you can’t deny massive support.

If you’re in, please leave a comment below. We want to cherish this journey forever.



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188 responses to “A Petition To HBO: Release “24/7” On DVD

  1. Lindsey

    I’m in. Best series ever.

    • Mike

      I’d purchase right now if it was available. In fact, that’s how I came across this… I was hoping it would be out there somewhere for me to buy. Even though my Pens lost it was still a great series.

    • CurtisW1981

      Hate Washington but it was a good show! Love to own HBO series!!!

  2. B

    Not a Caps fan, but so in. Great idea!

  3. Victoria

    I am 100% in to buy a copy or two of 24/7!

  4. Josh

    Beat dat beat up HBO!

  5. This has been the greatest presentation of hockey in cinematic form of all time. I’d buy this DVD five times over.

  6. Kaitlin Shafer

    I would buy a copy for me and a copy for my dad for sure. πŸ™‚ GREAT gift and awesome to own!

  7. Scotty N

    I would buy it today!!!

  8. Rhea

    Count me in for several copies if it comes out!

  9. Michele

    I am so in.

  10. Jenna

    Count me in – especially if it contains “never before seen footage” of the stuff they lied and said they were going to show in previews for the second episode.

  11. Scotty N

    I would buy this tonight

  12. Ken Nickell

    Count me in!

  13. Mike

    In! No doubt!!

  14. Erin Mancini

    Count me in…by far best 24/7 ever!

  15. Andrew Troutman

    Im in!!!!!

  16. Yes with a cherry on top

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  18. Gabi

    I’d definitely buy a DVD of the four episodes. I’d be ecstatic if they also included Deleted scenes and extra interviews with other players.

  19. Mimi

    this is a no brainer.

  20. SDCinDC

    I am so in!

  21. Dan

    HBO will be “sh*t bums” as put by Boudreau if they don’t release this on DVD.

  22. Tracypep

    Count me in…24/7 is awesomesauce!

  23. Jeff

    I’d love it.

  24. Rosey

    Come on HBO. That footage on the cutting room floor is a goldmine. I’d pay anything for more behind the scenes stuff, even if it’s just hours of watching Crosby tape his stick or Backstrom chat with 6 year olds.

  25. Becca

    Doooooo it!!!! I don’t get HBO, but I would totally buy the DVD series.

  26. Lauren


  27. jess

    i’m in! the show was awesome!!

  28. Mandy

    Definitely In!

  29. Barbara

    Count me in. And hurry up – I’m going through withdrawal already!

  30. Lisa

    Would love a DVD, with extra footage please!

  31. Bob

    When can I order it!! Want it now!

  32. Jacob

    Count me among the minions!

  33. Melissa


    And in the Special Features, can we FINALLY get the footage of the Sasha/Ovi bromance, please!!

  34. SHERRY


  35. Quincy Y

    Definitely! And with lots of extras!!!!

  36. Christy Walker

    I’m in. Loved it!

  37. Steph

    I would definitely purchase this!

  38. Jim H

    Absolutely! (Especially since I don’t get HBO and we know the happy ending.) And toss in a “making of” bonus feature, if it won’t delay the works too much. And while we’re at it, how about the NHL releasing a “Winter Classic” DVD (including the alumni game and Hershey victory over the Baby Pens!).

  39. Mischa

    I’m in!! I’d buy it for sure.

  40. Jennifer

    In!!! Would be great to see never before seen footage.

  41. David

    I am in this is the best look we get behind the scenes of the NHL I really want to get it on DVD!

  42. R.Diehl

    I am ready to pick up a 4 disc set…one disc original stuff…other three discs a ton more footage…why waste it…i want more….

  43. Chris G

    Totally in!

  44. Kim R

    I’m in! I know of several folks who would totally buy it!

  45. Tara

    Count me in! I just assumed the DVD would be my Christmas present next year!

  46. Darby

    Yes! My brother doesn’t get hbo and hasn’t seen this series. If they release it I’m buying at least 3 box sets.

  47. Jason B

    I would buy it on blu-ray! Even my coworker from Texas, with no understanding of hockey, had high praise for the series. It is a seller. What a story arc. Great production. The series has already spawned so many memes. Keep the ball rolling HBO!

  48. Kelly

    Yes, please!!

  49. PLEASE HBO! I need this plus the winter classic game all in one box set! i’d wait in line at Best Buy like it was black friday all over again!

  50. Drew

    I’m in! Something that Pens and Caps fans can actually agree on!

  51. Cameron Lopez


  52. Tyler

    For sure, hope it does get on dvd, i would def buy it… go pens

  53. CK

    YES! I would buy for sure πŸ™‚

  54. Rich Lanthier

    Please do!!!

  55. KB

    Definitely, DVD and/or blu-ray would be great.

  56. will

    Bring it to DVD

  57. Patrick

    Definitely want a copy of the series!!

  58. Danny

    Please bring it to Blu-ray! Would buy it day one!

  59. Melodie

    ABSOLUTELY. I have watched it over and over on HBO. Never get enough. I was at the game and had a great time too!!!! GO CAPS.

  60. Darby

    I can’t believe the option to put this series on DVD doesn’t seem like an option as of now. I was planning on buying at least 3 copies for myself and family. This needs to happen!

  61. Darby

    I’ve sent an email to HBO requesting the DVD and suggest people do the same if we want anything to happen. You can send your request here:


    Couldn’t hurt, right?

  62. Dave J

    please do, Great Idea!

  63. Lisa

    I’m in!! And would pay more for deleted scenes!! HBO is CRAZY if they don’t!!

  64. I am SO in – would make a great Mother’s Day gift – hint hint!

  65. tom

    In a Hockey players voice…….


  66. Rich

    I’d buy one for myself and get more to give out as gifts.

  67. R

    “If you want it, don’t just THINK you want it; go out there and F#@%in want it!!”

  68. Chris

    Make it available on DVD

  69. xaphy

    It’s made of people!

  70. mike

    deff need to best tv documentary series to date

  71. Rob T

    Please Please put this out on DVD/BluRay. This series should never be forgotten. I would also like it to be combined with maybe the Winter Classic as well as the 4 part series. Please Please HBO/NHL….

  72. Sensfreak

    I’m in!

  73. Matthew H

    I’d buy it right this minute if it were available. Please make it so, HBO?

  74. Mark Boulter

    I’m in!

  75. Hary Dodgson

    AWESOME idea! HBO should release it on dvd. If Hbo has a problem with it just remind them of the revenue potential.

  76. Jay J

    Yes please!
    Not everyone has HBO…

  77. Alane Isaacson

    Yes, yes, yes! Please make it available on DVD

  78. Kyle

    He’ll yes best thing I have ever seen on tv!

  79. SO IN!
    is there anywhere online to watch the episodes again in the meantime?

  80. Usman

    GREAT IDEA! HBO make it happen.

  81. Go Pens

    Please!!!!!!!!!!!!! Release this i missed some of the episodes.

    Go Pens!

  82. Kristin

    Awesome series to bring the NHL into U.S. main stream sports. PLEASE RELEASE ON DVD!!

  83. Sam

    Oh yea, count me in for a DVD purchase. Great show but I couldn’t catch them all when they aired. Please sell the series on DVD.

  84. Kelly

    I am a pens fan sorry guys but I am totally in for this coming out on dvd… I know Alot of people in pittsburgh feel the same. Lets get it out!

  85. Alex

    YES! I would purchase this series right now if it was available!

  86. Julie Meyer

    Count me in!!! Proud to be a Caps fan and there should be a DVD of 24/7!!!!

  87. JenStatz8

    HBO make a DVD of 24/7 Caps, Pens and it would be cool if you had 2 separate versions. One for Caps fans n one for Pens fans including all that unseen footage we didn’t get to see πŸ™‚

  88. Netty

    Caps/Pens 24/7 on DVD FTW!!!!!

  89. Stacey Stewart

    Please release I will buy.

  90. R. S.

    Fuck yeah. I NEED to see that hit on Crosby in my permanent collection.
    There’s no crying in hockey, Cindy.

  91. J

    They said they couldn’t release it bc they couldn’t get song rights for the soundtrack… we’ll have to dl it and burn it to our own DVDs :/

  92. Della

    I’m in! I really enjoyed 24/7.

  93. Eric

    I’d definitely buy it.

  94. JC

    YES! They must release it for purchase!

  95. Lara

    I would definitely buy it!

  96. Free

    Put it on iTunes, would buy immediately!!

  97. Michael Feldman

    Absolutely, I went online today to purchase it and am disappointed it’s not available.

  98. Molly Feldman

    I would most definitely buy it! Lets do this!

  99. Rob

    Let’s make it happen

  100. david

    Let’s do it I want this so bad! I am in

  101. Paulina

    Yes please! SO good

  102. holly

    Seriously, why isn’t it already available?

  103. Joseph Welsh

    Joe Welsh
    Waldorf, MD
    ..would like to purchase Caps/Pens 24/7 on DVD.

  104. kconn

    Release this thing. Put some money into the release, and you’ll get paid back in volume of sales.


  106. Ryan

    Not a caps or penguins fan, but would love to see this on DVD

  107. Ashley Henkle

    YESSSSS ❀ best series ever, I wanna watch it once a month during the summer when I'm having mad hockey withdrawal ❀

  108. trevor

    Do it up hbo!! Make us happy!

  109. Katie

    Yes please!!

  110. Courtney

    I want to buy it for my fiance!

  111. Tyler Murray

    Would love to have a copy of the Road To The Winter Classic 24/7 series.

  112. kel


  113. rich

    Boston fan needs this dvd, fans get to see what goes on behind normally closed doors

  114. John

    Put 24/7 on DVD!!! GO PENS!!!

  115. Mary

    Needs to happen!

  116. Lisa Arcaro

    Id buy it in a heartbeat!!!

  117. Wil dufont

    Like many, I am a big fan of the hbo 24/7 series. I came about to this site because I was looking to buy some of hbo’s 24/7 boxing series, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any, which I thought was odd because they’re such good documentaries that would last for a lifetime

  118. Dana Larson

    Please PLEASE release it on DVD!!!!!!!

  119. Celeste

    Release 24/7 Penguins and Capitals on DVD!!! I’d buy it today if it was available!!!

  120. Mike

    A DVD of 24/7 Penguins-Capitals: Road To The NHL Winter Classic..YES Please!

  121. Ashley

    I am definitely in! Loved this show and would love the opportunity to watch it again and share it with my friends that didn’t see it the first time around.

  122. Rob

    Please, Please, Please. Ted make this happen Please. I’ve been lookin for this since the Winter Classic.

  123. Mike Brunda

    Hell yes… DVD with lots of out takes!! And the game!

  124. Lisa Celery

    PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is my tradition of hockey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. Cary

    I would love for HBO to release this, it is a must have for any hockey fan

  126. daniel

    I’ll buy it. Quality television.

  127. Daniel Ridgway

    YEs!! I know many people that want to buy one!– here in CA!! it is a must have!!!

  128. Jessica

    I think it’s totally pointless to have such a phenomenal series and then NOT release it on DVD. People are begging for it, Caps and Pens fans alike. Not to mention, I pretty much think about something from the series at least once a day and then wish that I could watch it. But alas. I cannot. Thanks HBO. Thanks for that.

  129. Chris koner

    I dint know how long I can keep this series on my dvr and still keep my girlfriend. Please release 24/7 penguins/capitals on DVD and/or blu ray.

  130. Diah

    love this! yes to dvd!

  131. Marty Lacombe

    I would not even hesitate to buy this as soon as it’s available.


    Please πŸ™‚

  132. I pretty much need this to compliment the WBS “Chasing The Dream” set, right? Especially because I’m a Caps fan (oh the taint.)

    I’m in!

  133. Leigh

    I will definitely purchase a copy. LOVED the series, hope they pick two different teams next year and follow them for a couple of months.

  134. Tammy Bristow

    I would definitely buy this. I’ve been looking for it!

  135. bwitch16

    Please release this beauty on DVD, with all of the deleted scenes. It would be awesome.

  136. Carolyn Ferguson

    In!! Hope this works. I have it on DVR. It takes up too much room but I CAN’T get rid of it unless we can buy it on disc!

  137. yuknowho

    I’m in!

  138. Tim

    I would love to have 24/7 on DVD. It provided great insight into our team and sport we love!

    Go Caps

  139. Bob McFarlane

    Missed out on the series and I’d love to watch it, PLEASE release it on DVD!

  140. Lauren

    Yes Please!

  141. Simon

    C’Mon HBO give the people what they want. DVD DVD DVD.

  142. Tim Smith

    Release it…I’ll buy it…

  143. Tasha Carlson

    My boyfriend has been checking like crazy, waiting for this DVD to be released. When will it be released??!!!

  144. Amanda

    DO IT! I AM SO IN!

  145. David

    No brainer! HBO could make so much $$ off this b/c so many people would buy it. Win-win!

  146. sara

    i was just looking to see if i could order it online. I loved it so much i wanna watch it again. But then i came across this petition. So i guess i cant order it lol. I think it’d be silly of them to make it unavailable to buy.

  147. Aimee

    I’m in! Would love to buy a copy of it!

  148. mark gellard

    i would buy it now if it was on DV….great series

  149. lordoftherink

    It seems that there is now a page on the HBO shop website listing the 24/7 series as a DVD release. (http://store.hbo.com/247-penguinscapitals-road-to-the-nhl-winter-classic-dvd/detail.php?p=300305) No boxart, price, or release date yet. Judging by the comments on the page, it has been up since May. Not an official announcement or anything, but it’s nice to see. For comparison, this is the only 24/7 series with a listing on the HBO shop, so it does not seem that they just create a page for everything they put out. It would seem (although I don’t want to get too excited yet) that HBO might have plans for a release. It might be too late for an announcement for a summer, off-season release date, but perhaps to coincide with next year’s Winter Classic between the Rangers and Flyers? It would make sense, seeing how they could advertise it while the new one airs. Will certainly buy if/when they release it, especially looking forward to any bonus features they might include in the set.

  150. Kayla

    Release it please!!!

  151. Gwen

    This was SO Amazing…. Please release for retail!!!

  152. clarke

    bring it on!!!! I need it!

  153. Steve

    I’m in, as a Pens fan I enjoyed what I saw of this series and would love to own in on DVD.

  154. jasmine

    i would love to buy this. unfortunately i missed it on tv so i have yet to see it!

  155. PENSFAN325

    I thought I read somewhere that they were releasing this footage but I can’t find it anywhere. Was that just a joke? I TOTALLY want this series!

  156. Paul Zilek

    I’m from overseas (Germany) and would buy this masterpiece immediately…
    Please HBO…. publish it on DVD….

  157. Jamie

    HBO, take my money!

  158. Thomas Chapman

    It’s a crime it isn’t on DVD, I’ve been searching everywhere to get my hands on all of the Boxing series and no luck! HBO – pull your finger out and stop denying us a chance to have these forever!

    You’ll make a killing in sales too! What are you waiting for?! …Oh and make sure it’s available in the UK too please πŸ™‚

  159. Bill

    Available for pre-order now at the HBO store, shipping in November.

  160. Betsy

    Definitely would buy copies when available!

  161. Kelsey

    Please release 24/7

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  163. Tobias Lindeberg

    I would buy it! from Sweden!

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