Hit The Links: Bloggers Beware

Hit the Links is back after a brief hiatus. Hockey season is almost ready to begin again and you need your news. Enter KOL.

Russian Machine has a phenomenal piece on the new NHL policy regarding “new media” i.e. bloggers and fan-reporters. The NHL has announced bloggers may only enter the home team locker room. They will only be granted access to the visiting team’s locker rooms if given permission by that team.

As a blogger I hate to look down on other bloggers, but I have to agree with the policy. We may give free publicity, but there is a standard in the media world some bloggers simply aren’t aware of. If some teams aren’t comfortable with allowing glorified fans in their locker room, I understand.

Obviously, the Capitals are willing to open their doors to the “new media” and we at KOL applaud them for doing so, but if certain teams are more restrictive so be it. Some people don’t belong in the press box and the NHL is playing it safe, allowing teams to shut out bloggers completely if they so choose.

Besides, like Russian Machine said, why would us Caps bloggers care about being in the Pens locker room?

Alex Ovechkin is starring in a CCM commercial. Check out some footage from Alex Ovetjkin.

Some stunning training camp photos from our friend Stephanie at Caps in Pictures. Check them out. You won’t be sorry.

We all love murf, aka Homer McFanboy. He loved Karl Alzner and cranked out this little piece on him earlier in the week.

Caps PR guy, Nate Ewell, Murf, Storming the Crease, On Frozen Blog, KOL, Sky Kerstein, and others all played some ice hockey on Tuesday at the Media skate following Bruce Boudreau’s presser. Needless to say it was an absolute blast.


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