Hit The Links: Kovy’s No Ovie

Last night, an arbitrator decided that the NHL was correct in voiding the Devils’ contract offer to one Iyla Kovalchuk. The details can be found here. Meanwhile, Pro Hockey Talk compares Kovy’s contract to other long-term deals.

Our colleagues over at RockTheRed.net posted a picture last week with what looked like a printing error on the Prince Of Wales Trophy. After extensive research that would make CSI jealous (all three of them), Puck Daddy has discovered the truth.

Do you have $6,500? Do you need to eat for the next few months? If the answers are “yes” and “no,” then you can buy the newest seats at the Verizon Center!

This summer’s free agency period has been anything but a frenzy (We’d say it had more of a book club feel), so Vogs reminisces about the Great Free Agency of ’05.

Centers, centers, centers. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. And so on. What about Mathieu Perreault?


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