Hit The Links: Thursday

Good morning, world. Allow us to satiate your appetite with some Caps news. It’s part of a complete breakfast (Disclaimer: not actually part of a complete breakfast).

You’ve read our thoughts about Antti Niemi. Now take a look at what the Peerless Prognosticator has to say about the matter.

You’ve also read our thoughts on the center situation. If you’d like a second opinion, Jumping The Glass has got you covered.

George McPhee believes this year’s team could be the best the Caps have ever seen.

The Capitals/Blackhawks talks continue. But this time, it’s over the logo. Vote now!

Caps & Bears Adventures: How I Spent My Summer Vacation.

This year’s D.C. Public Schools Beautification Day takes place on Saturday, August 21. Sign up to join Mike Green, Slapshot and other Caps fans to help restore an elementary school in NW D.C. I have a mechanical question. How can Slapshot fix things without opposable thumbs or even hands? Sign up and find out!

Check out “Caps Report” with Vogs and Stretch for August 4.

Eric Mestery, we barely knew ye.

On a sadder note, former Capitals goaltender Wayne Stephenson passed away June 22. He was 65. We send our condolences to Stephenson’s family.


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