Hit The Links: A New Week

I made it back from Hawaii in one piece. Jack deserves a ton of credit for keeping KOL fresh last week. While he focuses on whether or not Albert Haynesworth is too fat to play football, I will pick up where he left off. Since I am tan/sunburnt/peeling, I can return to my natural pastiness by keeping you informed!

We know it’s August, but Slam Sports has already speculated that the Caps will be on top of the league once again. Pro Hockey Talk provides its own opinion on the matter.

Are you in the mood for Alex Ovechkin’s best plays of last season? You’re in luck!

Adam may have shared a plane with John McCain yesterday, but Ted Leonsis shared a courtside seat with Barack Obama at a Mystics game. Why does this matter? Well, supposedly Obama told Leonsis that he plans to attend a Caps game this season! As RMNB would say, “Barack The Red!”

In former Cap news, Donald Brashear has been dealt by the New York Rangers along with Patrick Rissmiller to the Atlanta Thrashers in exchange for Todd White. Reports state that Atlanta will place Brash on waivers, so I guess we won’t be seeing Brashear/King this season (ahhhhhh man). But don’t cry! There’s always Tom Kostopoulos!

Douche-Gate has inflitrated the media outside of Washington and Pittsburgh. The Boston Globe’s Fluto Shinzawa believes that the Winter Classic should become the venue for the NHL All-Star Game and should be “capped [Editor’s note: no pun intended], preferably, by Alex Ovechkin running over the potty-mouthed Maxime Talbot.” Joke’s on you! Talbot won’t even make the All-Star Game!

The biggest news of the days comes from Chicago, where the Blackhawks have decided to let goaltender Antti Niemi go and have signed Marty Turco in his place. Let the Niemi-to-Washington floodgates open!


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