Hit The Links: Everybody’s Linking For The Weekend

This is my first post in a week. I’ve been in Hawaii (and I still am). Before I hop on a plane and head back to Washington this evening, here are some stories to hold you while you wait for me. I am expecting some sort of parade upon my return.

GMGM shares his thoughts on the King/Della Rovere swap and Flash’s new contract.

Alex Oveckhin talks about winning the Kharlamov Trophy (the Russian equivalent of the Ted Lindsay Award, given to the league’s best player as voted by his peers). Oh, and he responded to Max Talbot’s comments. Let the madness ensue.

And if you, our loyal readers, already feel slighted because of Talbot’s hatred, reading this article on The Hockey News might not help. WARNING: Not Safe For Pittsburgh.

Speaking of Alex, ESPN has anointed him as one of the “wings to watch” this season. Well, duh.

A tribute to former Capitals beat writer, Tarik El -Bashir.

Musing Of A Caps Fan has written a very interesting piece on how much teams are spending on goaltending (or in the case of the Capitals, how much they are NOT spending).

Last but certainly not least, tonight is Russian Machine Never Breaks’ one-year party at the Front Page in Arlington. Details can be found here. Sorry dudes, I (Adam) can’t make it, but let’s throw our own party in the future. I’ll bring the Funjuns. (Editor’s Note: Kings of Leonsis’ other half (Jack) will be attending the party for a brief cameo. And he’s grateful to have Adam coming back. The ‘Skins are tying him up at the moment, hence the lack of posting this week. We’ll be back full force this upcoming week.)


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