Hit The Humpday Links

Happy middle of the week everyone. Today’s news day is much busier than yesterday.

If you don’t know, Iyla Kovalcuk’s contract with the New Jersey Devils has been deemed illegal by the NHL. I think it’s the NHL’s way of warning the Devils of the mistake they are making, but that’s just a hunch. Pro Hockey Talk has a great collection of information here.

The Capitals announced the signing of Jay Beagle to a two-year deal today. Four other AHL’ers signed one-year deals with Caps including Andrew Gordon.

Mr. Leonsis weighs in on the Kovy mess and promises shelves for urinals at the Verizon Center. Like Lady Gaga would say: “Rejoice!” Let’s just hope it’s not hot like Mexico in the bathroom…

The Atlanta Thrashers have banned the use of vuvuzuelas at Philips Arena. Puck Daddy asks whether or not such bans would affect the Horn Guy.

Japer’s Rink stands up for Ovechkin, Backstrom and their long-term contracts.


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